Some climbers ultimately learn the hard way just how important it was for them to have a quality pair of belaying glasses. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have someone tell you this early so you can save a lot of pain later. 

That’s why I’ve put together this guide on the Y&Y Plasfun Belaying Glasses. One of the many belaying glasses options currently on the market, the Plasfun comes from a well-respected company. 

But is it the right pair of belaying glasses for you? Join me as I walk you through what you need to know to make the ultimate decision. 

Y&Y Plasfun Belay Glasses Review

Belaying Glasses: The Basics 

Before we can judge the Plasfun, we’ll first need to establish just what a great pair of belaying glasses does. What should you be looking for in belaying glasses, and what do you need to consider when making your purchase? 

Once we’ve examined these questions, we’ll take a closer look to see how the Plasfun stacks up. 

So what are the basics? Consider the following: 

  • Neck Support—First and foremost, belaying glasses serve to provide extra neck support. This aims to decrease the pain that climbers feel when belaying. And if you haven’t been belaying much before, take it from me—it can get quite painful. Because you’ve got to crane your head at odd angles to keep an eye on your partner, you’ll start to get serious neck pain in no time. The right pair of belaying glasses should help alleviate this pain for safer and more comfortable climbs. 
  • Secure Fit—To get the most out of your belaying glasses, it’s important that they actually fit. This will help keep them from sliding off while belaying—which could pose a serious safety risk. 
  • Comfort—That being said, secure doesn’t equate to tight here. You’re not going to want glasses that are made from tough materials or that squeeze into your head or face. This can cause distractions and discomfort while climbing—and that’s never a good thing. 
  • Safe Vision—Ideally, you’ll want to grab a pair of belaying glasses that affords you the greatest field of vision. This will help you keep a better eye on your partner and can make your climb safer. 

How Does the Y&Y Plasfun Stack Up? 

With this information in mind, let’s look at the meat of the matter. How does the Y&Y stack up? As we’ll see, this popular option enjoys consistently-high ratings. 

Consider the information below to determine if the Plasfun is right for you. 

Effectiveness: How well does the Plasfun meet the standards above? Pretty well. In fact, if I had to give them a star rating, I’d say about 4.5/5. 

Value: Are you paying a fair price for the quality of the goods that you’re getting? In this case, yes. The Plasfun comes from a well-respected company that specializes in producing high-quality products at affordable rates.

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Earlier we looked at the qualities you should look for in a pair of belaying glasses. Overall, we determined the Plasfun does a nice job in living up to its purpose. 

But how did we come to that conclusion? Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Plasfun so great. 

  • Neck Support: If you’re looking for a pair of quality belaying glasses that provides great support, be sure to put the Plasfun near the top of your list. With their unique design, they specifically target neck pain that relates to belaying. This makes them especially useful in providing necessary neck support to belayers. 
  • Secure Fit—It’s always important to make sure that you’re getting the right size glasses to ensure a good fit. Unfortunately, however, some belaying glasses may still be too large or small for some people. But not with the Plasfun. A detailed look at the product’s history revealed that customers have had no complaints regarding its fit. 
  • Comfort—Despite being made of plastic, the Plasfun features a comfortable and flexible design. 

As is clear, the Plasfun has more than its fair share of great benefits for the consumer. That being said, there are some things that you’ll want to look out for. 


While being a comparatively high-quality pair of belaying glasses, the Plasfun does fall short in one area. 

Can you guess what that is? That’s right—it doesn’t quite beat the competition when it comes to the field of vision that it offers. 

In this regard, it’s not that the Plasfun obscures one’s vision. Instead, compared to more advanced designs like the Metolius Upshot, it doesn’t quite allow the user to see as high or as much in their peripheral vision. 

That being said, it offers adequate vision that should more than keep you and your partner safe while climbing. If field of vision is the most important aspect to you, however, do keep in mind that there are other options. 

Final Verdict 

It’s hard to go wrong with this incredible pair of belaying glasses. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re almost sure to find it with this popular option from Y&Y. 

It’s hard to pinpoint one feature that sets the Plasfun apart from its competitors. That being said, it proves to be a well-rounded and balanced product that does its job. That job, of course, being to protect climbers’ necks while belaying. 

If nothing else, the Plasfun should be one of your top options if you’re looking for a simple device that will provide adequate neck support. 

The only complaints regarding the Plasfun belaying glasses prove to be quite minor—the biggest drawback, as noted, being it doesn’t go the extra mile to expand one’s field of vision. Overall, however, the design is solid, and those who wish to purchase the Plasfun can choose through five great-looking color options. 

Ultimately, which pair of belaying glasses you choose is up to you. Keep this guide in mind as you hunt for your next pair of belaying glasses, and don’t forget to check out my other reviews, too! 

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