About me

Do you want to get better at climbing?

So do I, and I’ve created this blog to grow together with you as a climber.

I’m not a professional climber, but I certainly have learned one or two things about climbing that I know will help beginners looking to get into the sport.

My name is Alex, and as you may have guessed, I’m really into climbing and bouldering.

Here’s a little history on me and the relation I have with climbing:

In 2017 I got into climbing. I would practise zealously at the gym. I loved it!

Around febuary 2018, however, I suddenly had to stop climbing and bouldering. Long story short, I was diagnosed with rheumatism and at some point I had real difficulty even with simply walking around.

Fontainebleau bouldering grade system
That’s me hanging around in Font!

Fortunately, my prescription medicines started to work soon! And carefully, I started to climb again.

More and more.

All of the sudden, I would see myself in the gym everyday tackling some bouldering problems. I could feel myself getting stronger by the day.

That’s a great feeling that I’m currently still experiencing every day and for which I am so thankful!

Climbing for me is a way of triumphing over my rheumatism. It’s something I enjoy so much, that I decided I had to start a website where I share what I’ve learned about the sport.

Currently, this website has over 80 articles with content that I’m really proud of, adressing most of the questions beginning climbers may ask.

These articles will help you transform your climbing. Not only will you learn about the different types of climbing equipment that climbers use, but you’ll also learn about climbing techniques that can help you climb more difficult and longer routes.

In the future, as I progress, I’ll add more and more content that will be enjoyable for more advanced climbers, too.

Lately, I’ve also written more and more articles about climbing locations. For these types of articles, I like to get into contact with local people to make sure I can provide the best possible information on each location. That is working really well for now.

I’m also sitting on some video content that I havn’t got around to uploading yet, for example from my climbing trip to Fontainebleau or to Småland in Sweden. Perhaps once day I’ll have better video editing skills.. But if you want to see some of my old climbing footage, here’s a fun little video I once made:

I really hope that you’ll enjoy my blog and stick around for what’s to come. For now, thank you for dropping by, and feel free to browse around!


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