So you’ve been playing around with your rock climbing kit, changing pieces here, upgrading others there.

I know—it’s exciting.

However, as you’ve gone about updating your equipment, you’ve come across a conundrum. Namely, what carabiner is best to use with your Grigri?

Better yet, does it even matter? Let’s examine this question in detail while taking a look at what exactly carabiners and Grigris are used for.

What is a Carabiner?

If you’re a serious rock climber, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with the term (and the equipment itself). Still, understanding the technical uses of a carabiner is important to knowing whether or not it’s imperative to use with your Grigri. So let’s perform a brief review of what a carabiner is actually for.

In rock climbing, carabiners are primarily steel or aluminum materials used as hooking devices. Basically, these devices are used to connect rope to other pieces of climbing equipment or two pieces of climbing equipment together.

What is a Grigri?

Manufactured by Petzl, a Grigi is an assisted braking device that is designed to maximize your safety in the case of a fall. Specifically, a Grigri is a type of belay that pinches the rope when you begin to fall, allowing for a safer descent.

Like other belaying devices, Grigris attach to the belaying harness of your climbing equipment via a carabiner. As such, it’s important to make sure you are purchasing quality carabiners for all your roping needs.

The Verdict?

We asked if it really matter what brand of carabiner you used for your Grigri. As we can see from the basic uses of the two products, the answer is “yes.”

While it likely won’t make a difference as long as you are choosing from established and well-reviewed brands, you still want to choose a quality carabiner to hold your Grigri in place.

This means that if you have already decided on your brand of carabiner, you likely don’t have to switch brands simply to lock your Grigri in place. Despite this, it may be worth reviewing top quality carabiner brands to see if you are ready to make an upgrade or switch to a brand that better suits your rock climbing needs.

What to Look for in a Carabiner

Before we go into which carabiners are best for your Grigri, let’s briefly review what you should be looking for in a quality carabiner.

In your search for a good option, you should take into consideration three main qualities that will help determine the quality of your piece.

1. size

There are both larger and smaller carabiners. In general, larger carabiners have more space, making them easier to clip. It also makes them more suitable for use with belaying devices, including your Grigri.

2. Weight

It’s important to understand that larger carabiners are generally weightier. While this is usually frowned upon in rock climbing, in the case of your carabiner, you want to make sure you have a quality option. That’s why it’s worth it to buy a larger, heavier carabiner, as they are generally more reliable and hold up better in tough climbs (as shorter carabiners usually lead to more rope wear and tear).

3. Strength

Carabiner strength is measured from a variety of angles (lengthwise, sideways, and open). Taking all these strengths into account is key to knowing which carabiner is suitable for your current purpose. When you are using a carabiner for your Grigri, it’s important to use a strong, durable option.

Best Carabiners for the Grigri

Knowing this, let’s take a look at a list of the best and most popular rock-climbing carabiners on the market today. For beginning climbers, recognize that you can also use these carabiners for a slew of rock-climbing needs—you don’t necessarily need to use them with your Grigi.

1. Petzl Attache

Manufactured by the brand that brought us the Grigri, the Petzl Attache is a quality locking carabiner that suits all your rock-climbing purposes. Specifically, this carabiner has been praised for its light weight (56 grams) and its sleek design. It has also been consistently reviewed as one of the best locking carabiners to use with your belaying system.

This means that it’s a perfect choice to use with your Grigri. It also just makes sense. If you are someone who buys by brand, you may find it simply easier to go with another Petzl product.

Even if you don’t, there’s no way you won’t appreciate the style, efficiency, and pure class of this carabiner. Perfect for use with your Grigri and any other rock-climbing locking purposes, the Petzl Attache should be at the top of your list if you are looking for a new carabiner.

2. Edelrid HMS Strike Slider

This carabiner, consistently ranked at the top of rock climbers’ lists, makes the list simply because of its unique auto-lock feature. Usually a little more expensive than the Petzl Attache, this item offers top quality locking while providing you with the comfort and security you are looking for while climbing.

Better yet, its autolocking feature offers you an even sweeter deal. Particularly if you are a new or learning climber, it’s great to go with the safer option. That’s why the Edelrid HMS Strike Slider is the perfect carabiner to go with your Grigri or any other piece of equipment you may use while rock climbing.

Overall, this is a solid option that you would be remiss not to consider.

3. Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate

Looking for a quality option that you can buy on a budget? The Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate is the perfect “discount” option that you can buy to lock your Grigri in place.

Based on reviews, it’s clear that this budget option only discounts on the price. When it comes to quality locking and safe climbing, no corners are cut. If you are looking for a cheap way to replace your current carabiners or are simply looking for a quality carabiner to lock your Grigri, the Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate is the perfect carabiner for you.

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