The 9 Most Beathtaking and Beautiful Mountains In The USA

Mountains can be some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the entire world. When seen at an astonishing angle, or simply when viewing a perfect peak, mountains can give you some of the most awe-inspiring and picture-worthy views that this planet has ever offered.

There are many mountains in the US that are underrated or at least not yet fully recognised when it comes to their beauty. This post will guide you along 10 of the most beautiful mountains in the United States of America.

1. Grand Teton- Wyoming

Grand Teton, Gorgeous mountain in Wyoming

Grand Teton, is a beautiful mountain range with peaks and valleys that stretch for miles. If you’re looking to explore this amazing mountain that rises more than 13,000 ft above sea level, be prepared for some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes you’ll ever see in the entire US.

With different snowy Mountain trails that stretch for miles and swing around, this beautiful mountain peak will take you through an adventure with a myriad of forces of nature.

Be prepared to bring water and other essentials before trekking this mountain simply to avoid dehydration. It is smart to be prepared for bears as well as they are known to lurk around this location. The mountain of Grand Teton is said to have some of the most gorgeous photography-opportunity filled spaces around it, so bring a camera and prepare yourself to take many pictures on this wonderful journey up this wonderous mountain.

So, what’s it like to wander through this natural fairytale?

Picture yourself being submerged in the elegance one of the mountains rivers or lakes, taking a picture with your water shoes on in the middle of an exhilaratingly cold Lake. Your body strangely feels comforted by the frigid feeling, engulfed in a peaceful chill while you explore the vast surroundings in your vicinity.

You see yourself looking at some snowfall as you viciously click on your camera either with a drone or by hand, watching the very landscape change completely around you. This is what you get when you climb up Grand Teton mountain. Pretty awesome.

2. Denali or mount Mckinley- Alaska

Denali, Most beautiful mountain in Alaska
Simply stunning.

The highest peak in North America, Denali is one of the most beautiful mountains you’ll probably see in the entire us. We all know Alaska is fairly cold, so be prepared with winter attire for this climb.

The mountain reaches above 20,000 ft and as such even dwarfs it’s african counterpart: Mount Kilimanjaro. Denali is not an easy climb. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished. Comparable to Mount Everest, this is something that the best of mountain climbers should attempt and no one less. If you’re an experienced climber, that is, if you are a veteran high altitude climber, this is a mountain for you. However, do not take this mountain lightly. This mountain has a lot of jagged ice and apparently over 12,000 glaciers that can make for a treacherous ascent when climbing its 20,000 feet plus.

If you catch it on the right day, you could potentially see the sun glistening on these glacial spears and see the beautiful reflections that come from them. Or, you can see the powerful aesthetics of light and dark reflecting on them. Imagine that site as your feet shiver and your fingers begin to tingle, and you see these beautiful different shades of light clashing with dark on this mountain pass that you climb to reach the top of the peak.

It is also said that this is a great place the practice for the Himalaya Mountains.

3 . Mt. Whitney- California

This beautiful mountain is known to be the tallest mountain on the mainland of the United States. Over 10,000 feet you’ll find such luxurious landscaping and an easy type of climb for anybody. Hiking up the gently sloped side of the mountain is great for beginning mountain climbers and can help you gain experience climbing mountains. The steep side is dangerous though, and unfortunately has been fatal to some.

The mountainous state of California is a vast and filled with very beautiful landscapes that you can potentially see at the peak of this mountain. The only unfortunate part about climbing this mountain is that it’s difficult to get the opportunity to. As it is a very popular mountain to climb, they say that 30,000 people apply to climb it every year and only 10,000 are allowed to. You have to win a lottery in order to climb this mountain. There are several different paths to take for this mountain. Whichever path you choose, be careful.

4 . Mount Baker

Beautiful picture of Mount Baker, the vulcano.
While beautiful, the location of this vulcano near a metropole is rather unconvenient..

What do you think of when you picture of a volcano?

Perhaps it is the case that you usually think of molten lava inside of a giant crater, sometimes busting some 10,000 ft in the air. Or do you picture the intense heat rising as you climb the mountain and smog bamboozling your sight as you feel the danger and the skin melting off your body?

Well, when you think of Mount Baker these are not any of the things you’ll experience.

Mount Baker is covered in snow, however, it’s actually an active volcano and a very dangerous mountain to trek on. Not on every volcano is the lava exposed. This mountain is a beautiful disaster in a way, as its landscape reveals a pure white mountain hiding an active volcano prepared to blow at any given moment.

Known as an active glaciated andesitic stratovolcano, it stands at 10,781 feet tall. If you’re planning on climbing mount Baker, you’re in luck. There’s several companies that can guide you on your summit and mount Baker is considered to be an excellent introduction to mountaineering for novices.

5. Mount Elbert

Known to be the tallest mountain in Colorado at 14440 FT, Mount Elbert is also the second-highest mountain on the mainland of the US.

It also boasts the title of the tallest peak of the Rocky Mountains.

Its windy peaks and water create a beautiful aesthetic, revealing a wonderous mountain top covered in glaciers all over. Mount Elbert isn’t said to be a rough climb, it’s easily accessible, and is frequented by climbers quite often. That doesn’t mean that you can just be a novice and walk up the trail, though.

Like with any mountain, make sure that you are in shape when you’re climbing it. Bring water, and be prepared for thinner air, that in combination with strong winds can cause trouble for anybody’s breathing so be careful when climbing this mountain. It will take you anywhere from four to six days to climb the entire mountain.

It is smart to start early when climbing this mountain, 4:30 to 6 a.m. are the times when people usually start their first day. Thunderstorms are said to come around at about 1 in the afternoon, you don’t want to be out in the open during a thunderstorm on the regular ground so imagine seeing that on a mountain. It may be a beautiful sight, yet, as with most things in nature, at times it can also be terrifying.

6. Sawtooth Mountains

Standing at over 10,000 ft in the heart of Idaho, the Rocky Mountain Range reveals a gorgeous landscape that should be visited by every hiker. There are said to be 57 Peaks are all over 10,000 ft in the Sawtooth Range.

Imagine different landscapes with over 400 lakes and receding alpine glaciers. The magic of climbing this mountain range is manifests itself best at thhe times where you’re able to see all the different peaks and valleys, as well as the lakes that reflect the sun as it rises and sets during your climb.

This is what you get when you’re traversing through the Sawtooth mountains. Picture climbing these mountains during the summertime, the endless Green Forest at Cascade across the mountain range, glosses in emerald. All the while climbing the pure white snowy tips. If that image doesn’t entice you then who knows what will. 😉

This mountain range has some nice facilities closeby for staying during the nights, and some people tend to stay for a couple of weeks. This is because there are several mountains to climb in the surroundings and this mountain range and they all range between 10,000 and 10,500 + feet. Therefore, staying around to climb as long as possible is an excellent idea if you want to see all the landscapes that the Sawtooth mountains offer.

7. Mount Kea

Known to be the highest point in the state of Hawaii at 13803 FT, Mauna Kea provides an inspiring beauty of a landscape that allows you to see so much man of Hawaii. because of its altitude, it has become a popular spot for stargazers.

Mount Kea is actually a dormant volcano that is known to have the majority of it underwater. This should allow people to rest their minds somewhat when climbing it. The last time this volcano erupted was around 4,000 to 6000 years.

This Mountain is filled with culture and mythology that stretches to ancient Hawaiian peoples. Kea is a mountain rich with history and is high up the to do list of many a mountaineer.

The interesting part about climbing this mountain is that it doesn’t need to take days to get up there – if you care more about the view than about the climb. You can easily drive up to this mountain. However, there are still risks involved so please be prepared when climbing this mountain. The Visitor Center is close to the summit which is a good thing, but that shouldn’t stop you from going up the mountain with proper tools and equipment.

8. The Great smokey mountains

The shortest mountain range on this list, coming in at 6643 ft at the tallest the Smoky Mountain range is located in Tennessee to North Carolina. The Great Smokey Mountains are a part of the Appalachian Mountains.

The GSM area is the most visited national park in the entire US with over a million visits per year. There is everything you can imagine here, and while it isn’t the Mecca of all climbing, perhaps it is a Medina of climbing.

Here, you’ll find some of the most beautiful waterfalls, creeks, valleys and plants around. There’s also several nice trails that you can take, like the Roaring Fork Motor Trail or the Newfound Gap Road.

Take the time to embark on a journey through this vast and gorgeous mountain range as you become accustomed to the mountain climbing experience. There are so many different things you can do while going through this mountain range! Just don’t forget the awesome waterfalls; there’s simply no limit to their beauty. So allow your imagination to wander as you explore this vast mountain range.

9. Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell, beautiful view from the summit
That’s a view I’d gladly hike for!

Looking for a historical landmark to climb? Why not climb some of the oldest mountains in the United States. Mount Mitchell is the place to conquer if you’re looking for a moderately sized mountain to trek with some historical significance.

Named after Eiljah Mitchell in 1857 after sliding to his death down its slopes, Mount Mitchell is part of the Black mountain range and is the largest of the mountains in this range. Being an appalachian mountain as well stationed in North Carolina, If you’re on the east coast and looking for a closeby mountain to climb, this is definetly for you! 

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