Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser Review: Alternative To Hangboards?

As an avid rock climber, I know how important developing proper finger strength is. And that also means I know how difficult it can be to train your fingers.

And while traditional fingerboards can be an effective way to strengthen your digits, other options are available. One of the best options available is the Digi-Flex hand therapy system. A series of devices, this finger-strengthening system is a must for those looking to take their exercises to the next level. 

But what makes Digi-Flex so unique? And is it right for you? Join me below as I walk you through the pros and cons of this much-talked-about strengthening device. 

Cando Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser review for rock climbers

Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser Series 

Designed to help build your all-important grip strength, the Digi-Flex Hand Exercise series includes a number of great devices. As we’ll see, these different devices can be used to gradually improve your finger strength—making them perfect for climbers of all levels. 

Effectiveness: Digi-Flex Hand exercisers are renowned for their ability to help boost finger strength. This makes them a perfect addition to any rock climber’s collection. 

Value: Digi-Flex Hand Exercisers can be purchased separately or together, allowing climbers to get the value that works best for them. 

What’s Good: 

  • Series includes a number of devices to suit climbers of different levels 
  • Comes included with different exercises and instructions for best use

What’s Bad: 

  • Harder for people with smaller hands to use 

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Digi-Flex series itself. 

What’s Included

To start off with, I want to point out that the Digi-Flex hand exercisers are great for almost any climber. As opposed to traditional hangboards, these Digi-Flex devices have one major advantage. 

They’re adaptable. 

Whether you’re in need of something for a true beginner or something a bit more advanced, this series has you covered. What I really like about them is that with consistent use, you really can start improving your finger strength. 

But don’t just take it from me. Consider this—the Digi-Flex hand exerciser series is also used by physical therapy patients who are looking to restore strength in their digits. That’s how good these are! 

As a whole, the Digi-Flex hand exerciser series includes five different devices. Again, you may decide to purchase these separately, as opposed to all five together. The good news is that the devices are incredibly cheap on their own, but keep in mind that you will enjoy a small discount by buying them together

If you’re already an advanced climber with good grip strength, however, you may see no point in buying low-level devices. In this case, buying the devices more appropriate to your level often proves to be more economical. 

How Do They Work? 

So how do the Digi-Flex hand exercisers work? 

The devices allow one to practice their grip strength with increasing weight. Starting at just 1.5 pounds (0.7kg), the Digi-Flex devices distribute this force to each finger during the exercise. Simply grip and squeeze the device for an incredible work out. 

The exercisers also come in 3lb (1.4kg), 5lb (2.3kg), 7lb (3.2kg), 9lb (4.1kg), 11lb (5kg), and 13lb (5.9kg) varieties. With such a wide weight range, the Digi-Flex hand exercises are sure to provide a great workout for climbers at almost any level. 

But it’s not just their practicality that makes them useful. Digi-Flex makes sure to include a number of color options for their devices, with each weight having a different color. This makes collecting Digi-Flex devices both fun and appealing, giving consumers a reason to look forward to progressing to their next device. 

Equipped with all the proper springs and cushioning, Digi-Flex devices add the resistance you need to improve your grip. These all-important springs determine the amount of force and weight exerted on you doing your workout. Thankfully, however, Digi-Flex doesn’t forgo comfortable finger pads that help ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort throughout your exercise. 

Workout Flexibility 

Remember, included with your purchase is a guide to some of the best exercises to do. That being said, I did want to note that the Digi-Flex series stands apart for the wide variety of exercises one can do. 

For instance, the devices offer both full-hand and single-finger exercises and reversible grip. This can help build your finger strength more quickly—or in the case of an advanced climber, provide that added challenge you need.

This means that you’ll never have to get bored. Finger workouts can be fun again with these incredible devices. Now, as someone who has spent more than my fair share of time fingerboarding, I can tell you that having variety in your finger workouts will help save you from mundane monotony. This helps you stay motivated and allows you to progress more quickly. 


For many, the drawbacks to using Digi-Flex devices will be quite negligible. In fact, the only true complaint I’ve come across is that people with smaller hands and fingers may have a tougher time using the device. 

Because of this, it might be useful to measure your hands before purchase. You’ll likely only need to do this if you think that your hands might be smaller than average. 

The Bottom Line 

When rock climbing, you don’t want to overestimate the strength of your grip. That’s why regular finger-strengthening exercise should become part of your routine. 

I get it—finger exercises aren’t always the most fun thing to do. Traditional hangboards, in particular, can be especially tedious for some. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on these traditional methods to start strengthening your grip. 

With the Digi-Flex Hand Exerciser series, you can improve your grip strength in no time. Great for climbers of any level, this series features a number of different weighted devices to provide progression training. These powerful devices should be a part of your routine—just be sure to get the right fit for your hands. 

Add the Digi-Flex series to your equipment list and watch the progress you make!

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