Where Is Mount Meru? Difference Between Meru Peak and Mount Meru

Those of you who have seen Jimmy Chin’s incredible movie Meru, may wonder where it actually is. 

And that’s where the confusion begins: because most search engines’ results give you a mountain in Tanzania that looks nothing like the chilling, hazardous and icicle covered granite wall called the ‘Shark’s Fin’ that Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk ascended for the first time in the movie Meru.

So to clear up all the doubt about where Mount Meru is, he’s a quick article to help you distinguish between two different places, That both carry the name ‘Meru’.

One of these is called ‘Mount Meru’ and is located in Tanzania, while the other one is called ‘Meru peak’ and can be found in northern India in the province of Uttarakhand.

Mount Meru, Tanzania

Mount Meru can be seen here behind the Southern Ice Fields, Left of the giant shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Meru in Tanzania is not the one that can be seen in the movie Meru, but that doesn’t make it any less astounding. 

It can be seen from the even more famous mountain Kilimanjaro, and it is thus situated in Africa’s highest elevated region. 

How high is Mount Meru?

How high is Mount Meru itself? It is a stunning 4555 metres high (14944ft) – and it reaches just about 1,5 kilometres shorter than the Kilimanjaro.

As opposed to Meru Peak in India, Mount Meru is actually a volcano, that has last erupted a little over a hundred years ago, in 1900 (as is estimated). Mount Meru is classified as an active stratovulcano, meaning it could erupt again.

If you wish to climb Mount Meru, you won’t have to worry about decision paralysis, as there’s only one route you can take.

The route to climb Mount Meru starts at Momella Gate, at 1500 metres altitude, and this is a route that will take an average mountaineer about 3-4 days to reach the summit. Several huts can be found at appropriate intervals between the hikes.

Climbers are required to get in contact with a ranger from the Arusha National Park before ascension.

Meru Peak, India

Mount Meru, with the legendary Shark’s Fin right in the middle

Now Meru Peak is the one avid rock climbers have been waiting for!

So where is Meru Peak exactly?

In Northern India, in the region called Uttarkhand, the awe inspiring Meru Peak is situated. It’s characteristic high altitude granite wall called the Shark’s Fin can be found here as well.

Those seeking to climb Meru should know what they are doing. Although climbing Meru itself is easier than the legendary Shark’s Fin, any climber aspiring to such heights must be well prepared – clothes wise, condition wise, equipment wise and rantion wise.

How high is Meru Peak?

The highest point on Meru Peak is 6660 metres above sea level, or for our American readership 2185 feet high. 

Those seeking to get to the highest point of mount Meru, should opt for the Southern ascension, as the central route on which the Shark’s Fin can be found is “only” 6310 metres high (20700 ft).

Note that the Shark’s Fin is not the only route up the central peak of Meru Peak, but it is the most difficult one. 

Lastly, there’s the Northern route, which is 6450 metres high, or 21160 ft.

So there you have it! Mount Meru lies in Tanzania near the Kilimanjaro, while Meru Peak, the one from the movie, can be found in Uttarkhand, India.

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